Where the Wild Things Are: 5 Things

Where the Wild Things Are: 5 Things

1. This was one of my favorite books as a child. My dad read it with such enthusiasm.

2. The movie is okay. Definitely a lot of extrapolation.

3. When I was pregnant I really wanted to make a sign for Cooper’s bedroom that said, “Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!” but some people told me that would be asking for it. Well, I decided not to listen.

I just like saying

4. The book is on the list of banned books. (Because what child exhibits such poor behavior, whose parents send them to bed without dinner, and what child wouldn’t be afraid of those monsters?) Next week is Banned Book Week; you should read one. It’s not a good book if it doesn’t stir up a little controversy.

5. Our neighbor rescues wild things. They ate through our fence. Nice neighbor though.

Can you see the eyes staring at me through the fence? And the shards of wood they chewed up?

6 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are: 5 Things

    1. @ Megan
      Luckily the wild things our neighbor rescues (as an actual profession, I’m not making this up) are just ill-behaved Golden Retrievers 🙂

  1. Ohhh, I bet you could find a “Max” costume for Cooper for halloween! Also, I’m happy to report that I’ve read 5 of the 10 most challenged books in 2009. Good to know this even is happening, I love spreading the word about weird things.

  2. I love the book, the phrase, wild things, you, Cooper, the idea of a Max costume, and the rebellion against banning books.

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