We’ve Managed to Keep Him Alive for 5 months

We’ve Managed to Keep Him Alive for 5 months

We’ve been doing some much needed weeding to prepare the yard for winter (we inherited the yard with weeds, this wasn’t all our doing). Yesterday after Cooper and I went for a walk I quickly did some work on one of the flower beds in the front yard. Cooper sat in the jogging stroller while I worked, so when I cleaned everything up I pulled him into the garage with me. I stepped into the house to put my gardening gloves away and when I turned back to get the child seconds later, he was gone! I guess our garage and driveway must have a slight angle to it; I found Cooper across the street in the neighbor’s yard. Luckily our street has a car go down it about once every hour and Cooper thought the whole thing was pretty funny (maybe it was just amusing to see mom panic).

The kid has the tiny top of a tooth sticking through his gums, but it doesn’t seem to have made any progress in the last week. I can’t decide whether that or his increasingly ravenous appetite are the cause for waking up multiple times at night. This boost in sleep deprivation has made me more desirous for him to eat solids (since they supposedly keep you fuller than liquids, go figure); however, Cooper has thus far had no interest in anything I’ve given him. I remain patient and emotionally uninvolved. (That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.) In good news, he’s starting to get hair. Look close, maybe you’ll be able to see it.

4 thoughts on “We’ve Managed to Keep Him Alive for 5 months

  1. Ohh, that looks like a good garden spot for the spring and I’m glad he was pleased with himself for his little adventure.

  2. Hi I’m here at Brenda’s and it’s great to see Grandpa Tic doing so well. Uncle John said it was good that you live in Golden, CO and not in San Francisco..(the driveway).. We’re so funny. We love you.

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