Small World, Big Zoo

Small World, Big Zoo

When we first moved to Colorado we felt as if we were moving to a far away land where no one we’d ever known had gone before. We felt brave and adventurous, as well as a little lonely. As we’ve gone about our lives the past 5 months we’ve ran into a couple of people from our former life. These encounters always start the “It’s a small world” song looping annoyingly in my brain, but ultimately the experiences are a comforting reminder that we’re not alone. So far we’ve transported a bookcase for my Dad’s cousin, ran into some USU acquaintances at a Halloween party, had dinner with some wonderful church friends from Logan that now live in Boulder, and most recently met up with one of my friends from my single college days who is temporarily living in Fort Collins.

Saturday was a free day at the Denver Zoo, so we met up with Aubrey, Mike, and their little girl Madi. The zoo was packed even though it was pretty chilly. We overheard one mom herding her kids through the crowd saying, “Maybe we should just come back on a day we have to pay!” Generally I would concur, but all the free events we’ve attended have been perfect for our situation of having such a young child. I love that we can kind of get a taste of what’s available in Denver and not feel like we wasted our money when we have to make a hasty exit after only an hour or so. Plus, we can decide what we actually want to take Cooper to see when he’s a little older.

Madi and Cooper all bundled up and watching the birds.

We really enjoyed catching up with Aubrey and Mike.  Madi was so cute and friendly, but we realized that Cooper doesn’t spend enough time around kids his own age.

Madi really wanted to play, but Cooper wasn't so sure.

We’ll have to try and find him some friends. We wouldn’t mind if he stays that afraid of girls for the next 21 years though. (Aubrey and Mike posted a pretty funny movie of Cooper’s reaction for those interested.)

6 thoughts on “Small World, Big Zoo

  1. We wish we were closer because Sam and Cooper would be such great little friends. By the way, I love your family picture at the top of your blog! You all look so happy.

  2. Noel,

    So two things totally unrelated to this post. (1) I went to the Grand Canyon with my father-in-law thinking it would turn into some variation of your M.O.S.S. trip. He’s only a year away from qualifying for the senior citizen rate at the national parks, so he’s still more than double my age. All I cared about was not getting shown up by my father-in-law; otherwise, I knew I’d never hear the end of it. We went down to the South Rim and went in on the Hermit’s trail, spent a night at Hermits’ Creek, a night at Monument Creek, did a long day along the Tonto trail, spent the night at Indian Garden, then came out on the Bright Angel trail. The whole rim-to-rim route looked like a super-highway after what we did on the first few days. Bottom line: GC is a cool place. (2) We got a United States map puzzle for Caleb that has about ten pieces. He has caught on to the whole map things really well and knows where all the family lives. He also points to Colorado, says “Ca-la-raa-doe” and says, “Dad’s friend… live there.” We’re not sure how he learned that, but he knows it.

    I hope this note finds you all well…

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