Food, that’s what I’m grateful for today.

Food, that’s what I’m grateful for today.

I know we often clump this one with our automatic I-didn’t-even-turn-on-my-brain-to-think-of-this-response answers to what we’re grateful for, but I really am grateful for it. Food is the reason why Cooper no longer screams at us the whole time we try to eat dinner. It’s also the reason why I’ve been getting more sleep. Having to bathe Cooper practically every day is completely worth it.

Today, I am feeling especially grateful for soup. Snowy day, sunny day, special occasion, or sick day, I am always in the mood for soup. I am especially grateful for a husband that endures my obsession with soup.  I love how versatile soup is: throw a bunch of stuff in a pot, simmer for a while, and add some seasonings. I can’t recall ever ruining a soup. Tonight we’re having a creamy chicken and brown rice soup with squash.  Side of breadsticks of course.  Delicious.

2 thoughts on “Food, that’s what I’m grateful for today.

  1. Look at that saucy boy!

    I really appreciate food, too. Tonight I had a HOT TAMALE (literally really spicy hot) homemade by a local lady that comes around selling them. MMMMMMmmmm

    Soups are super, too. You know my favorite you make, the Olive-Garden-Secret-One.

  2. We also appreciate that Anika can eat and especially that she likes food. It helps at dinner and in the car too.

    I have ruined a soup. At least twice.

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