Cooper Time

Cooper Time

I was drafting a post about my unconventional thoughts on Santa Claus, but instead I feel like blogging about this guy:

Cooper is coming up on 7 months and quite frankly is a riot, most of the time. He is becoming increasingly curious and loves our electronics. I’m finding it more and more difficult to type with him sitting on my lap because he tries to control the touchpad.

He really wants to be an adult and do everything we do. He thinks that drinking out of a real cup is the most novel thing in the world. Even though most of the water gets all over him, nothing could make him happier.

He’s pretty clever too. He doesn’t quite have the dexterity to grab small things (his spoon, Happypuffs, etc), but he will grab my hand which is holding one of those things and guide it to his mouth.

He’s not crawling yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. He’s starting to lunge for things and will fold himself in half to get things he wants. I honestly love it. It’s so great to be able to play and laugh with him instead of just hold him and feed him. I think I might even get a kick out of chasing him.

5 thoughts on “Cooper Time

  1. “Sit and smile. Even smile in your liver,” is from a spiritual guide named Ketut from Bali in the movie Eat, Pray, Love (which I just watched on DVD this week). The phrase really made me chuckle but I totally understood what he meant.

    So I’ve been working on it. And Cooper’s sweet little face made it easy today.

    p.s. Sippy cups are on their way!

  2. We are happy to see you guys in three weeks. I think we might start one of those chains that you can tear off the papers as the day gets closer. LE update… loves being naked, likes electrical cords, drinks from a cup with help, and picks up every small thing she can see. I don’t know how kids do it, but she is always interested in the things that she shouldn’t be (she has destroyed two of Ba’s phones by slobber). I hope Cooper starts crawling and gets some teeth. We are still hoping for both.

  3. Cute kid; seriously. I like the onesie in the first picture. The funny thing is that I just re-read a post from the Hislop’s blog about Melissa’s mom recommending you strip baby down to his/her diaper if it isn’t quite bedtime but baby is fussy. We’ve done it several times now and Anika LOVES it! Last night was especially amusing because she was fussing, fussing, fussing, and then literally a second later she was laughing and jabbering. It was almost instantaneous with the moment that Nathaniel removed the last piece of clothing.

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