No Snow Zone

No Snow Zone

Last week we read and played on a blanket in the back yard. I kept thinking, "We shouldn't be able to do this, it's December!"

When we first started looking at moving to Colorado I’ll admit that I was a little worried about the winters (which honestly was silly considering where we were moving from). I just kept thinking of that Christmas a few years ago when tons of people were stuck at the Denver airport because of the horrific amount of snow they’d accumulated. I imagined life would be like that, for months. But, the weather hasn’t been like that at all yet, quite nice actually. I find it puzzling that it’s been colder in Florida and that my sis-in-law Danielle was complaining of snow in North Carolina. Every time I talk to family in Utah they tell me about the mountains of snow they’ve already received. They say, “Don’t worry, it’s coming your way.” Then it doesn’t. This lack of snow is completely unexpected. I find it mysterious, and to a degree unsettling.

Cooper and our Christmas Tree. I think it would look pretty in a dusting of snow. Especially if it hid the dead lawn.

I may not be a huge fan of snow and cold, but I’ve always liked white Christmases. There’s just something magical about everything being covered in a fresh layer of sparkling snow. I’ve been watching the weather for weeks and hoping for snow, which is quite uncharacteristic. Last night we were supposed to get somewhere between 4-10 inches. There were winter weather advisory warnings and everything. Yesterday evening, the clouds rolled in and it began to rain. I went to bed excited for the winter wonderland we would awake to. However, when we woke this morning there wasn’t any snow. The grass was a little frosty, but to even call it a dusting of snow would be generous. Not only am I disappointed, but I’ve lost the little faith I still had in weather forecasting.

With my luck we won’t get any snow until the day we fly out to see family for Christmas. It will be a huge dumping of all the snow we were supposed to get over the last two months. We’ll probably get stuck at the Denver airport for weeks. Yep, that’s probably the way it’s going to happen.

2 thoughts on “No Snow Zone

  1. Lately I’ve been noticing what cute clothes Cooper always has in your blog pictures. I decided I could splurge a little and buy Isaac something cute like that for Christmas (not that he’s lacking clothes, but most are either from a craigslist box, or cute church clothes from Grandmas….) I bought him the same blue and green fleece “romper” type thing that Cooper is wearing in the picture of him on the blanket. Seeing it on Cooper confirms that I chose well 🙂

    I like white Christmases, too. I like snow until New Year’s, and then it has served its purpose and spring can come.

  2. Snow should be mandatory for Christmas, optional for January and February, melting in March and prohibited in April, and especially May! We’ve been getting a bunch of rain lately too, which makes me grouchy. The one time I love snow, is the one time we get rain/slush instead – cruel irony.

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