Dearth of Blogging

Dearth of Blogging

The best indication that something exciting is actually happening in our lives is our disappearance from the internet. Sad, but true. Let me briefly summarize the past two weeks. We journeyed to Utah via car, bus, train, and plane. Cooper received so many Christmas gifts that we had to increase our luggage by two bags on the way home. We cautiously braved the snowy roads with only one significant mishap. We visited many of our friends and loved ones and ate way too much of their delicious food. Noel served as the visiting IT guy, I donated my hair, and Cooper got so much attention he sometimes cried so he could get some alone time (I’m not kidding).

If there was an award for worst documentation of your child’s first Christmas I think we would definitely be in the running for 1st place. We spent nine days in Utah and only took a random handful of pictures. I truly do mean random, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to what was documented. So, please don’t take offense if we spent some wonderful time with you, but didn’t get out the camera at all.

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