Show and Tell

Show and Tell

A couple of posts back I mentioned that we’re becoming more and more “crunchy” and a few of you expressed interest in wanting to hear more. If I told you everything we’ve been trying to do, this could be a really  L O N G post (more because of my excitement than an endless list of green ideas), so I think I’m going to sprinkle a couple of hippie posts in here and there with our normal routine.

Also, I’m not claiming to be any better at this stuff than other people, I just like it. I have plenty of friends/relatives that are very earth conscious, trendy,  and/or resourceful that already do many of these things, plus many others. Chances are if something looks familiar to you, you probably inspired me to do it. Alright, enough disclaimers. Keep an eye out for the posts and please feel free to chime in with ideas that you have or resources that you turn to for green inspiration.

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