So, I Married a Super Nerd

So, I Married a Super Nerd

Noel is an engineer, so it almost goes without saying that he has an inner nerd that thrives on numbers, gadgets, and efficiency. My dominant right brain doesn’t quite process that way. I never would have thought of making a dawn simulator out of our bedroom lamp or even imagined it was possible to bake cookies in your car, but I can appreciate the genius that is revealed to me through email links and unusual dinner table topics.

This past weekend Noel choose our Saturday activity. He borrowed some equipment from work in order to do a blower door test on our house to identify places where heat was being lost. (Note that we are renting and can’t make any changes to the house, so this was merely a quest of curiosity.) We got a few strange looks from neighbors as we set up all the equipment –  there’s no escaping it now, we’re officially the weird neighbors. The saddest part was that after setting everything up, we realized that we didn’t have the install disc for the computer program.  That’s okay though, just makes it so we have something to look forward to for another Saturday.

2 thoughts on “So, I Married a Super Nerd

  1. Now we’re talking. How many pounds of pressure are created in your domicile? What temperature is the interior of the domicile at? Do we anticipate a true indication of how much energy is lost due to poor ventilation? Oh boy, nerd stuff.

  2. Not gunna lie, I would be a little weirded out if I was your neighbor too…but knowing Noel then it wouldn’t be a big deal 😉

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