A Little Man

A Little Man

I’m sure all parents feel this way, but sometimes I feel like Cooper is growing up over night. He’s learned a ton of things this past month and it makes me feel as if he’s growing at an exponentially fast rate while I am hardly changing at all. While we were in DC he learned how to crawl, how to pull himself up on furniture, how to open cupboards, how to cruise along furniture, how to drink out of his sippy cup, how to feed himself something other than cookies, and how to call people on the telephone. I think the growth was made especially more obvious to me because when we left for DC I could leave Cooper alone in the front room and find him in nearly the same place when I returned a few moments later. Now I have to go hunting for him.

Every time I think at least he hasn’t figured out how to (or that he can) sit up in bed/open the diaper pail/stand up in the bathtub/whatever I find him doing exactly that. He even learns things I never taught him. For instance, one evening in DC we were at a restaurant and a couple came over to our table and complimented us on how well-behaved Cooper was.* They thought he was so cute as he sat in his high chair wearing a collared shirt and sampled the fish. The man said to Cooper, “You’re just a little man, aren’t you?” and held up his hand for  a high-five. I was about to tell the man, “Oh, he doesn’t know how to do that,” but Cooper flashed a big grin and high-fived the guy before I had a chance to open my mouth (he’s a charismatic flirt if you haven’t noticed :)). Noel and I looked at each other in surprise and after the couple left we high-fived Cooper several times during the evening just to make sure the encounter wasn’t a fluke. It’s both exciting and a little frightening to see how quickly Cooper picks things up. I only pray I can learn fast enough to keep up with him. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go move all our games to a higher location.

*Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Cooper is a perfect child. He can whine and fuss with the best of them. He’s even been asked to leave a church meeting, so obviously not perfect.


4 thoughts on “A Little Man

  1. I know what you mean. My boys seem to get their first tooth, learn to sit and learn to crawl all in the same month! And then I wonder what happened to my baby, because I suddenly have a little boy. It sounds so cliche, but they do grow up so fast!

  2. I look back on the past year and can’t believe how much Sam has learned. They pick things up so fast. It feels like you’re always trying to catch up to their current stage, especially with baby-proofing 🙂

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