The Easter bunnies that visited our house.

Do you remember how I told you I don’t remember ever believing in Santa? Funny thing is, I do remember believing in the Easter bunny. I remember the year my parents told me he took my binky away and how traumatized I was. I didn’t like him. Needless to say, I don’t think the Easter Bunny will be visiting our house. Don’t worry though, there will still be baskets and eggs.  I found a great list of suggestions to make Easter more meaningful and while it was a little too late to try some of them, we were able to give a few of the ideas a test drive. We’re hoping that by the time Cooper realizes that Easter is even happening, he’ll recognize the holiday as a celebration of our Savior’s loving sacrifice and the joyful miracle of resurrection.

For now, we were pleased that the first thing Cooper reached for was his picture of Jesus 🙂 He also thoroughly enjoyed the giraffe and cloth blocks I made for him as well as his homemade pretzel, a taste of homemade peanut butter cup, and a delicious sugar cookie dyed with raspberries. (Not only does dying frosting with fruit taste delicious, but it takes not so wonderful food dyes out of the equation.)

Easter itself was rainy and cold, so I didn’t get a cute picture of Cooper in his little Easter outfit in the grass like I wanted. Perhaps that will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here’s a picture of where we found him after we changed out of our church clothes.

6 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I’m going to try your pretzels and cookies (I have been meaning to make sugar cookies for the past week, so we’ll see when it happens). Our Easter bunny has been coming on Saturday the past couple years, and we like it for two reasons: 1) It allows for Easter Sunday to be more spiritual (in theory; hopefully more so as the kids get a little older) and 2) we can celebrate Easter the whole weekend!

  2. Look at all of those homemade gifts. I’m so impressed with your creativity! Plus I am so jealous of your tulips that are still on the stems and the real Easter bunnies that visited 😉

  3. wait wait wait….your parents told you the Easter Bunny stole your binky?? haha! Was this a strategy to get you to not like another childhood belief/story? That’s funny.

  4. I love the stuffed toys you made! I checked out the link and might just have to make some myself… 🙂

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