Repurposing: Easter Edition

Repurposing: Easter Edition

Sorry about the lack of creative posts lately. We’ve been doing a lot of boring adult-type things and we didn’t think you’d care much to read about the juicy details of radon tests or sewer scopes. Hopefully I can get my writing mojo back soon, but in the meantime here’s some belated Easter pics and projects.

Cooper had a cute little suit we bought him for my sister’s wedding back in August. We purposefully bought him one that was too big so he could wear it longer. I hemmed it quite a bit and have been slowing letting it out as Cooper grows taller. However, the last time I let the hem out I had the iron up way too high and one of the pant legs got a giant iron imprint on it. After furiously unplugging the iron, throwing the pants in a hopeless heap on my dresser, and taking a week to cool off, I returned to the pants and found a way to salvage them. Good bye ruined pants, hello warm weather dress shorts!

While I was in the sewing groove I used fabric scraps and the stuffing from some old decorative pillows to make the stuffed giraffe and blocks that you’ve already seen. Lastly, I used some leftover fabric from a bedspread I hope to finish some day to make a fun spring top for me. Noel is the real loser in all of this, but I didn’t think he’d appreciate me turning any of his dress pants into shorts and I think he was satisfied to just receive candy ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Repurposing: Easter Edition

  1. First of all, Cooper is so cute. And I am not just saying that, he is just one of those little boys that are just so handsome. Second, I like your shirt you made, I am guessing you just made up the pattern. Last, Happy Birthday to Min Copp this week, I think it is the 6th or 7th but not sure. I hope he enjoys that day.

  2. Fun projects! You should open up your own Etsy shop to make cute homemade and up-cycled stuff for the rest of us! Oh, and are the boring adult things/radon tests/sewer scopes possibly related to a home inspection of some sort? That would make them exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. He certainly has pizazz! I just keep looking at Cooper’s photos as I’m sure you can tell. Especially with Mother’s Day coming up I just want to say what a wonderful mother you are, Audrey.

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