The Scarcity Mentality

The Scarcity Mentality

If I had to make a list of my personal vices, I’m pretty sure jealousy would be pretty high on the list. The other day Noel sent me a link to an article on The Simple Dollar that helped me rethink the way I want to view situations. I’ve always known that being envious wasn’t a good thing (reference the Seven Deadly Sins),  but I never really gave much thought to how it might negatively affect my relationships, optimism, or ability to succeed. The article obviously says it best, check it out.

2 thoughts on “The Scarcity Mentality

  1. My name is Glenna and I am sometimes covetous…

    Remember all the beautiful beach homes I pointed out?

    I have been changed however by this “abundance” theory mentioned here and it has truly made all the difference in my world. I’ve found a simple yet profound secret in focusing on being grateful for what I do have and on who and what I love. I only wish I had figured this out earlier in life.

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