Disguising the Bump

Disguising the Bump

One of the joys of a second pregnancy is that you show sooner, which is super for me because my body isn’t very good at hiding secrets in the first place. Right now I’m only 12 weeks and some change and to people that know me at all I’m visibly pregnant. (Especially by the end of the day. I swear I just slowly inflate all day long.)

Proof of the mini bump and that I'm not just being dramatic.

Needless to say I’ve been picking my wardrobe carefully the past couple of weeks. In addition to wearing lots of baby doll tops and empire waist dresses, I made a few tops to help me feel more cute and less chubby. I assume they’ll also come in handy post baby when everything is reversing.

This top was based off of this tutorial from Tea Rose Home. The tutorial uses two shirts, but I didn’t have much luck coming by those cheap, so I made the shirt out of some knit I picked up at the fabric store for a few bucks. The shirt is kind of fun and all the crazy ruffles make it kind of hard to discern whether there’s a baby in there.

This top was made from the final leftovers of the comforter I made. In brief, I cut out strips of fabric, did a basting stitch along the edge with my machine (making sure to only back stitch one end), pulled the thread to cinch the fabric up a little bit and then sewed each strip onto the tank top. Two pieces of advice: 1. It looks better with a belt 2. try to either use the same fabric for the tank top or at least match the colors. I wore this once on a windy day and suddenly the outfit didn’t look quite as good . . .

Well that’s enough awkward self-photos for one day.

7 thoughts on “Disguising the Bump

  1. Both of those shirts are so cute and flattering -both of which are really hard to come by in maternity clothes. I’m even more impressed that you do everything you do while you are pregnant. I pretty much laze about the house and take naps with Sam (And it’s not because I feel sick, it’s just because I can πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, you are so talented Audrey! I wish I could make (and look as good in) shirts like those.

    congrats on your second baby, you are such a terrific Mommy!

  3. Can you sew me some shirts!? πŸ™‚ You are extremely talented!
    I know you are so sweet, and I don’t really want to make you sew me shirts. πŸ™‚ I just admire your talent. Awesome that you saw a goat on Mt. Evans. We had no such luck.

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