New Additions

New Additions

The weather here is feeling so fall-like which makes daily life at our house so much more pleasant. Add to that the fact that my cold is ebbing and I’m safely into my 2nd trimester and suddenly I feel like doing things again. It’s a wonderful feeling and likely means more blog posts than you’ve been getting recently.

We haven’t talked about our house in awhile, but over the past month we’ve carefully been collecting odds and ends to spruce things up. We’ve been uncharacteristically lucky in the sweet deals department, which has been a good thing  since we needed to reallocate some of our home budget for super fun things like new car tires. Curious? I thought so.

Denver got an Ikea back in July. We decided to steer clear until things calmed down, but we were still thoughtless enough to go there on Labor Day weekend. (Seriously, what were we thinking?) Despite having to park in outer Siberia (we weren’t even in the Ikea parking lot) and milling through all the display rooms like cattle, we still had a few good finds.

Spice rack has been on our list of things to make for a long time, but we just haven’t gotten around to it (perhaps not owning a saw has contributed . . . ). When we spotted these little spice racks for only a few bucks our carpentry ambitions fled without a second thought.

We found the base of this lamp in the “As Is” section of Ikea for $5. The shade was on sale at Lowe’s. It looks especially nice when it’s lit up.

My parents brought us some wonderful gifts when they visited in August. I really wanted a table on my side of the bed, but I could never find anything small enough to squeeze between the bench and the bed. My dad was nice enough to make me this skinny little table. It’s perfect. (Be grateful that I threw away the enormous pile of tissues before I took this picture. You’re welcome.)

My mom was also kind enough to give us some framed prints of her work. The above is my favorite and can be seen in better detail here. If I wasn’t related to such talented people I’m fairly certain our house would be a lot more lame.

We also upgraded to a “Big” television (22 spacious inches). Seriously though, it’s actually bigger than our last television which I inherited from my great grandmother. (Also not joking about that, but keep in mind she lived to 101.) And the best part? It was free since we used points we’d “earned” (isn’t that a funny concept) on our credit card.

Some cabinets we found on clearance at Home Depot. It’s been really nice to be able to store my cosmetics in a place that Cooper can’t reach. He has an odd taste for foundation . . .

We rescued this desk off the side of the road. It looks like an old teacher’s desk and looks as good as new after being sanded and stained. It is located in my new “Do Room” in the basement (the old one is being cleared out in anticipation of our other pending new addition).

I don’t know that this last one counts as an addition, but I wanted to share the birds I painted on the wall in my “Do Room.” Hopefully you can see them, but I made the stencil myself. I glued a piece of wax paper to a stiff piece of card stock (I think I used some advertising mailer we’d received), drew the design on the wax paper and then carefully cut the whole thing out. I was afraid this venture was going to be disastrous, but was pleasantly surprised with the results.

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