Dressing the Bump

Dressing the Bump

Once I’ve “come out” about being pregnant I’m all about wearing clothes that show off the bump. When I was pregnant with Cooper I was teaching so I had to look professional most days. Now that I’m not working though, the temptation to just hang out in sweatpants all day long is sometimes much too strong. So, to avoid slipping into too much of a “frump slump,” I set a silly and vain goal that I was going to focus extra attention on my appearance. Well, that of course led to a selfish desire for more clothes which I tried to placate a bit by making some clothes instead of buying them. I’ve been sewing up a storm the last month and am ready to call it quits (although I’m sure it will pick up again in a week and a half when we find out what we’re having). In summation of my vanity plight, here is a small fashion show of my creations.

The Coral Top – Made out of a comfy allure knit complete with the heavenly 4-way stretch my belly needs. The side ruching was aided by this simple tutorial.  The pants are a clearance steal from Motherhood maternity. I doubt they’ll last my entire pregnancy since it’s slightly difficult to wrestle myself into them already . . . but they’ll make for great postpartum spring wear, right?

Stripey Top – Made of jersey burnout knit. Pants are another Motherhood Maternity clearance closeout.

Wrap-Around Top – I made this top from a pattern that was available for free when I was pregnant with Cooper, now it costs $15. If  you want to make one for yourself, let me know because  I might be able to hook you up with a pattern . . . I made a top like this when I was pregnant with Cooper and really liked it, but right now I have mixed feelings about the new one. I kind of feel like a mummy and wonder if I should have used plain fabric instead of a print. Maybe I’ll like it better as I grow.

Maxi Skirt – I used this tutorial from Elle Apparel to make this skirt. The tutorial is also where I learned about elastic thread which is a miracle for sewing waistbands and such – especially for a pregnant person. Also another great item for post-pregnancy.

Shirt Dress – I took an old (and stretchy) shirt and after altering the sleeves I paired it with some new fabric to make this dress. The tutorial I used for this one was also from Elle Apparel.

50’s Housewife Dress  – Maybe it’s the print or the fact that I wear this dress with pearls, but it reminds me of a 50’s housewife. I didn’t really use a tutorial for this one, just made up my own pattern. There were a few fiascoes before the final product, but by some miracle I managed to salvage it and I think it turned out okay.

All of the fabric was purchased from fabric.com (from clearance of course) except for the last which I got on sale at Hancock Fabrics.

5 thoughts on “Dressing the Bump

  1. You really should open your own shop or online something. You look great, and I think it is such a good goal. Can I put in an order someday when I get pregnant again?

  2. I can’t believe you made all of those. I’m pretty much in awe. I absolutely love the 50’s housewife dress – Esty shop?! I can’t wait to see what you make for your baby!

  3. You are incredible!! Pretty much my sewing idol! I will pay you to create a pattern for the 50’s dress; I LOVE it! Seriously, I really will! And it you can sneak me that wrap shirt pattern that would be awesome too, but no big deal if you don’t want to. Keep it up!!

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