Mini Me

Mini Me

Everyone thinks that Cooper is Noel’s replica. For some reason, this always makes me feel a little put out. I mean, I would like to think that I have something to do with who Cooper is (not to mention his existence). When we found out about baby #2 I instinctively thought “girl.” I was so sure of it that I frequently referred to the baby as “she” and every time we saw cute girl clothes on clearance Noel had to restrain me from buying them.  As I talked to other women about mother’s intuition my feelings of surety began to waver though. Countless women told me they had guessed wrong with every child and that there was no way to “know” the gender of your baby until the ultrasound. It made me feel sad that perhaps my feelings were untrustworthy and I began to feel nervous about our upcoming ultrasound. Fortunately, my intuition did not suffer any crushing blows today and I can continue to trust myself. We’re ecstatic to welcome a little girl into our family, and I figure it gets me one step closer to the prospect of having a “mini me.”

It looks like our little one is a poser. The ultrasound tech kept saying, “I could take pictures of your baby all day, she’s so cute and cooperative!” I could have guessed she wasn’t camera shy though, do you remember the initial ultrasound at 11 weeks? Even then she was hamming it up for her photo shoot. Maybe I’m biased, but how many early ultrasounds look that good? Seriously, at that point Cooper just looked like an alien.


11 thoughts on “Mini Me

  1. Aww yay! Congrats on a healthy baby girl! Now you have lots of cute things you can make for her and you will no longer have to be restrained around the clearance section!

  2. Yay! Congratulations! It will be so fun to have one of each! I completely understand feeling a little left out when people say Sam is Blake’s clone. Even though we’re having another little boy I hope that I will get a little more credit this time 😉

  3. I’m excited for you to have a girl! The funny thing is that Than just came and sat by me and noticed the picture on the top of your blog and said, “Their baby looks just like Audrey.”

  4. Yeah, for little girls!!! Yes little girl clothes are so fun to buy. We have to have a budget just for Ellie so I don’t over spend on her outfits.

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