Some days I feel practically normal and I get a lot done, but other days I just feel S L O W. Unfortunately, I’ve felt kind of slow lately. Fortunately though, my parents and brothers came to visit this weekend. They played with my kid, did my dishes, and even watched Cooper so Noel and I could escape for a one night getaway to a lodge in Vail. (Highlight of the trip: sleeping from 10:30pm-8am. No joke. Parenthood definitely changes your idea of fun ;)) Even with that much appreciated break I’m still feeling lazy. So, I made an easy to-do list so I’ll at least feel like I’ve accomplished something today. (I seriously hate feeling unproductive.) First up, some blog updates. Get ready for some posts!

2 thoughts on “Sluggish

  1. The fact that we didn’t have to get up and get to work was what we liked most about our night away. I hate feeling unproductive too. But that is all I have been feeling lately 🙁

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