Christmas Recap

Christmas Recap

This year Noel’s family came to visit us for the holidays. Our guests traveled from the four corners of the earth (or at least the US) arriving from Alaska, Nevada, North Carolina, and California. We made so many trips to the airport we began contemplating buying a giant van and starting our own shuttle service.

The weather cooperated nicely, dumping several inches the day we weren’t doing any traveling and providing abundant sunshine all the other days so the roads were safe. Christmas itself was pleasant. We started the day off right with a church musical program (where Noel sang a lovely duet) and after the last person had arrived that afternoon we opened gifts. It’s kind of nice that Cooper doesn’t get Christmas just yet and didn’t insist we open presents at the crack of dawn.

After the present opening frenzy ended we had a delicious dinner of mashed potatoes and roasted chickens.

The next day when everyone had recovered somewhat from jet lag, we showed the family some of the sites.

Grandma Virginia wasn't so sure about the Colorado snow and wind - definitely different than Las Vegas.
Zipping Cooper up against the cold










We hit up Lookout Mountain to see Buffalo Bill’s Grave, the Coors Brewery for a tour, and saw the inner workings of Noel’s work.

Vanessa Joy and Danielle at Coors
In front of the world's most energy efficient office building.









Not too shabby of a Christmas.

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