Saturday Morning Cravings

Saturday Morning Cravings

Being pregnant sometimes makes me lazy, especially on Saturday mornings. Every Saturday morning Noel will ask me what I want for breakfast and I will invariably respond with either “Einstein Bagels with honey almond schmear” or “donuts, mmmmm.” Noel is a good cook and very good at not giving into my cravings to eat out constantly. He’s kept me satisfied for weeks with delectable pancakes, ebelskivers (thanks for the pan for Christmas Danielle!), and omelets. Still, that craving for a delectable Einstein bagel with honey almond schmear continued to nag. So, this week I tried my hand at a new bagel recipe (another thanks to Danielle). I have a go to bagel recipe that I’ve loved for years, but while the bagels are better than store bought, they still don’t compare to Einstein’ s. The new recipe is a little more time intensive, but VERY delicious at dare I say an “Einstein level.” Pair with this simple recipe for honey almond cream cheese and I’m in heaven.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cravings

  1. Wow. I wish I were as lazy as you. Seriously, your idea of pregnant and lazy is more than I can say for my most energetic and unmotivated unpregnant self. You are amazing. Maybe I will be ambitious and try this out, they look divine!

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