Wearing Me Out

Wearing Me Out

As Cooper likes to say, he likes to “go, go!” He’s hard to keep up with no matter what, but with me putting so much energy into growing a baby I think he gets away with more stuff than he normally would. Here are some of his recent shenanigans.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, well here is Cooper snuggled under a blanket reading the Ensign. He also really likes to draw in the magazines which I didn’t mind at first, but then his artistic talents began to spill over into books which made me rethink my lack of discipline when I found scribbles in my library book.

Forgive the back lighting. Here Cooper has discovered a giant bowl of caramel corn and is diving right in.

Cooper has always had a fascination with our ipod. We do our best to keep ours up high and have even put a code on it to prevent him from deleting apps and sending emails (both of which have happened). Still, he always manages to get hold of it and get it all sticky. With my family here this past weekend he had triple the ipods to play with and apparently watched his uncles intently because he knew exactly what to do with theirs.

I usually take away his food when he stops eating and starts making a mess, but this particular morning I just wanted to finish my own breakfast in peace and didn’t stop him from ladling the remainder of his oatmeal all over the table. I felt fine with the decision until some of the blackberry stains wouldn’t come up when I scrubbed them later.

This is Cooper scaling the side of the piano to try and get his conversation hearts I’d hidden from him. He kept yelling, “Up, up!”

Unfortunately I got tired of the begging and finally gave him the box and watched as he ate all the ones he spilled on the floor. I am such a good mother.

Fortunately, Cooper is also learning some very helpful skills. He likes helping me unload the dishwasher (If I’ve got a half hour to kill I can just stand at the silverware drawer while he brings me all the utensils two at a time.) and will put his toys back in their box when he’s done playing. Sometimes he’ll bring me my water bottle just so I can have a drink and if we’re eating finger food he’ll try to feed me some of it. The sweetest thing of all though is when he decides to give me a random hug. He’ll snuggle up next me and lay his head on the top of my belly and flash a big grin. I swear one time he even said, “I love you,” and it made me cry. I haven’t heard him say it again though, so maybe I just really needed it that day.

5 thoughts on “Wearing Me Out

  1. Sorry about the unattended ipods and the conversation hearts. Every time I see a box of conversation hearts, I think of my tiny little redheaded girl. Just like Cooper, you were a very curious and expressive child. Miss you guys.

  2. Hey! I just caught up. Love your daughter’s name and that there is a great story, or should I say, a great person, behind it! Those bagels you made look amazing! I love bread, and bagels are one of my favorite. Hm. Wish I could make them, but I am very bad at making bread. I’ve found the bread maker does the best job. 😉 Good luck with the last couple months of your pregnancy!

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