The Nusery

The Nusery

Over the weekend we did the final touches on the little girl’s room. I wanted it to be simple, but feminine and am quite pleased with the final product. The best part was the minimal amount of cash we put into it.

This is looking in the doorway. On the wall we have a framed copy of “My Day Old Child” from my mother-in-law and a framed free printable of “You Are My I love You.” The rug is a Target clearance find, the flower lights were a Christmas gift a few years ago from my parents, and the rocking chair was my “reading chair” when I was little. The toys and Bumbo were Cooper’s.

My parents used the crib with me and my three siblings and I’m sure it’s a “death trap” by today’s standards, but Cooper survived, so we’re keeping it. What can I say, we like to live on the wild side. (That reminds me, one of the first times we left Cooper with someone the husband reassured us, “He’ll be okay, and if he isn’t, well you can always make another one.”) I did buy some breathable bumper pads and found the elephant sheets for $5 at Down East.  The gray elephants were one of Ellen’s Christmas gifts and the brown polka dot one is one I made using this tutorial from Make It And Love It. I made the name banner out of scrap fabric and the tulips are some dried ones from a plant Noel got for me.

Across from the crib we have a shelf with a little air purifying plant in a clearance pot from Lowe’s, the framed picture of my great grandma, and an Alaskan doll which is of course from the Alaskan grandparents. The night light of course is an LED nightlight 🙂

Thanks to family, after Christmas sales, gender neutral clothes of Cooper’s, and some hand-me-downs from a gal at church (who had twin girls, so we have two of some outfits), the closet is well stocked with 0-6 month clothes.

The final wall houses the changing table. The elephant collage you’ve seen before and was made from a Martha Stewart tutorial. We hung our ever handy XL wet bag on a hook and picked up a little hamper from Ikea. The changing table was Cooper’s and the paper lanterns were decorations at my sister’s wedding.

I figure if you don’t factor in the clothes or the stuff that we bought for Cooper, the whole nursery cost less than $50.


3 thoughts on “The Nusery

  1. The room looks so good; Simple but so nice. You guys are on top of getting everything ready. Is is nice that you can get ready, in your own home? Unlike when living in an app. and had to do with the small space that you have. That is one thing I look forward to when we have a house, doing what I want to it.

  2. All of the details are so cute! I really like the pillows, banner, and lanterns. -And I absolutely love the rug, which makes me wish for the millionth time that we had a Target instead of two Walmarts.

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