In Five Years

In Five Years

Five years ago

You know the classic question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Well, I seriously doubt that five years ago I would have said, “I’ll probably spend my fifth wedding anniversary breastfeeding my newborn and telling my toddler ‘no’ again as he pulls all the wipes out of the container.” At the same time, newlywed me wouldn’t have known how much I would change over the course of five years. She wouldn’t know how deeply I would love my kids or how touched I would be that my tired husband worked like crazy to simultaneously make me breakfast in bed and keep our busy little boy from waking me up early. So even though eating take-out from a great Italian restaurant isn’t quite the same as an exotic vacation, today I’ll be content to snuggle my three favorite people. Besides, Costa Rica will still be there next year.





6 thoughts on “In Five Years

  1. Costa Rica may have its appeal, and yet you might be hard pressed to find another anniversary that has so many rich feeling as your fifth. Happy Anniversary you four, and all my love.

  2. YAY! Congratulations!! She is beautiful and I can’t wait to hear all about it. 5 strong years and many to come!

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