Easter/Blessing/Spring Break

Easter/Blessing/Spring Break

We had quite the busy Easter weekend. My family made the long drive from Utah, most of them sacrificing cooler Spring Break plans so they could cuddle the new baby,

My mom snuggling Ellen


My sister, Hope, and Brother-in-law, Joe, getting some Ellen time.

play with a crazy little boy,

Our budding artist.
Cooper and my brother, Mitchell, drawing with sidewalk chalk.

generally infringe on each others’ space,

Squeezing onto the couch.

install a whole house fan and lay insulation,

Noel and my dad hard at work.
My mom and I took Cooper shopping and when we came back the guys had cut this hole. Noel stuck his head, complete with dust mask, head lamp, and hair full of attic debris out of the hole and said, “Boo” thinking Cooper would laugh like when we play peek-a-boo. The kid was TERRIFIED. He screamed bloody murder and even though we tried to show him it was his dad he would cry every time anyone took him anywhere near the hole. Who knew home improvement could be so traumatizing.

watch a two-year-old collect plastic eggs,

Cooper collecting his loot.

and be there for our sweet little girl’s baby blessing.

This is the best picture I took of Ellen. My mom took many wonderful ones that I will share when I get copies later.

It was nice to have our house full on such a special weekend. We only wish it could have been more full and send our love to our relatives that weren’t able to come. I’d been worried that blessing our little girl on Easter would distract me from the day’s true meaning, but found that blessing this new little life only deepened my love for my Savior and my gratitude for the miracle of the resurrection.

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  1. Families are so wonderful! Did you make Ellen blessing dress it is beautiful, and she likes so cute in it.

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