Miss Ellen

Miss Ellen

Ellen is now over a month old. She is such a calm baby. Even when Cooper is climbing all over her and trying to shove a pacifier in her mouth, she’ll just give him a dirty look and save her cries for when she’s hungry.

Cooper helping give Ellen a bath.

Noel and I each take a child at night (he gets Cooper and I get Ellen) and most nights Noel is up more than me (although I’m typically up longer). Ellen is a really good sleeper and typically only eats once a night. We moved her into the crib after our guests left and the last couple of nights she’s slept till 5am (after going to bed between 10:00 and 11:00).  It’s amazing, but it always makes me run into her room to check that she’s breathing. I’m not used to having a child that sleeps.

I used to make fun of swaddlers and call them “baby straight jackets,” but my grandma got us one and I had to give it a try. Surprisingly we both love it.

She’s also incredibly strong. Half the time when she does tummy time I expect her to start crawling away because of how strong her little legs are. The other half of the time she just falls asleep. I’m pretty sure Cooper just screamed the whole time he did tummy time.

Sucking on her fist.

This little girl also has really good burps. Sometimes I think she has a teenage boy living inside of her.

Ellen in her “Easter Dress” (which she didn’t actually wear on Easter).

From the front she looks fairly bald, but has a good tuft of hair on the back of her head. Right now that tuft is looking pretty red.

Hair Tuft

Ellen definitely brings a good balance to our family.


5 thoughts on “Miss Ellen

  1. Wow, that’s great that she’s such a good sleeper. I am a fan of swaddlers, too. When we started swaddling Caleb tightly around 3 weeks, he started doing longer stretches at night (and in my inexperienced mind, I thought that was just the key to getting a baby to sleep through the night. Then Isaac was born!)

  2. So cute. So far Derrick is really calm for me. I know what you mean by not being used to a calm baby. I agree with you about swaddling being a baby straight jacket – but that doesn’t stop me from loving the results 🙂

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