Vacuuming the Lawn

Vacuuming the Lawn

Yeah, we have an electric lawn mower. (We couldn’t afford an electric car and this was almost as cool.)

This baby was one of our first big purchases after we bought our house. Electric mowers are cheaper than traditional lawnmowers, don’t require as much maintenance (oil, gas, etc), aren’t as hard to start, and they don’t pollute the air next to your house. Win, win, win, win. Definitely worth dealing with all that cord in our opinion.

The next level of green would have been the reel mower, but you know, we’re not quite that hardcore.

3 thoughts on “Vacuuming the Lawn

  1. Good to know! I’ll keep that in mind when we have a lawn bigger than a medium-sized room. For now we are grateful that the owners before us left behind their reel mower.

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