You’ve Had a Birthday Shout Hooray!

You’ve Had a Birthday Shout Hooray!

Our Cooper isn’t quite as mini as he used to be it seems. He turned two this past week. We had wonderful plans of going to the zoo, but we literally could not find a parking spot within a 5 mile radius. Fortunately, Cooper had no idea and was not at all disappointed when we went to the park instead.

We took him to California Pizza Kitchen and uncharacteristically ordered Cooper his own BBQ Chicken Pizza. (PS This recipe for it is to die for, we just forgot to make pizza dough that morning.) He downed half the pizza in about 30 seconds flat. He also was spoiled with gifts that had been arriving all week in the mail.

We of course had Tres Leches cake that we decorated with Cooper’s favorite thing in the entire world: raspberries. He ate all the raspberries off the cake and only then did he try the cake itself.

Here’s to the beginning of the terrific twos!

5 thoughts on “You’ve Had a Birthday Shout Hooray!

  1. Caleb’s third birthday required some rearranging of plans as well, but like Cooper, he didn’t seem to notice (too much) and we still had a great day. If only all of their expectations could be so easily managed! Happy birthday Cooper!

  2. Happy Birthday Mini Cooper! He still is as cute as ever, and looks like he had a great weekend.

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