Is real food really more expensive?

Is real food really more expensive?

There’s this common perception that real, healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables are way overpriced compared to the unhealthy highly processed fake foods out there. Well, to lay the smack down on that the USDA just published a study showing the opposite is true.

Listen to this:

It turns out that when you drop the flawed metric of measuring the price of food as $/calorie and switch to something like $/serving, things turn out a lot better for real food. (All you have to do is look around to see that people are certainly getting enough calories.)

One food with a great bang for the buck: beans. I like beans because they’re a really cheap way to get protein, especially compared to meat. They are easy to cook, and I’m not hungry again an hour after eating them. So there’s no excuse: go cook yourself a pot of beans. This recipe for Cuban Black Beans is one of my favorites. It makes a lot but freeze the extras and you’re good to go for a long time.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to the article. We try and be healthy but are not perfect. I can see why people would want to go cheap. Fresh food goes bad faster then boxed. It take a real effort to think before you buy like menus, and then stick to it for the week. Thanks for the recipes for beans. Not my favorite food, but trying to use them more.

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