Life As Usual

Life As Usual

Perhaps you can relate, but it seems we are always busy, but when asked what’s new in our lives we can’t really seem to think of anything to report.  Here’s what a typical day looks like at our house.

Cooper tries on everyone’s shoes or fills them up with legos depending on how he’s feeling.


Cooper reads Ellen his favorite books, they have a tender moment, and I turn my back to get something done. They jabber back and forth until Cooper decides it would be fun to jump on her and I drop what I’m doing to rescue the baby.


Ellen reads her favorite book during a few moments of peace while Cooper drives shoes all over the couch with their lego passengers.


We feed the kids several times a day and make sure we let Ellen sit at the table with us since she wants to be a part of everything. She’s loved the few tastes of food she’s gotten so far.


If dinner is over and bedtime isn’t close enough, we take the kids for a walk in the Chariot. They both love it.

Then it’s a whirlwind of jammies, singing the “Clean Up” song, stories, family prayer, bedtime songs, and wrestling kids into bed. At that point Noel and I get to spend quality time together folding laundry or loading the dishwasher. A lively conversation about xeriscaping or sewing project ideas will ensue and then we will collapse into bed wondering how it got so late (11pm in case you were wondering). What can I say, we’re just living the dream 🙂

3 thoughts on “Life As Usual

  1. Audrey, I cannot believe how big Ellen is getting! Crazy! 11 is about the time we look at the clock and say “wow it is late…we better get to bed!”

  2. It’s too bad that the tender moments between our kids don’t last longer, and it would be great if they didn’t always (seem?) to end with the baby in tears.

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