A Guaranteed Way to Ruin Your Curb Appeal

A Guaranteed Way to Ruin Your Curb Appeal

We just couldn’t do it anymore. We tried to make our lawn look lush and well-manicured so it could look burb appropriate, but the water bill was killing us and quite frankly the soaring temperatures were killing the lawn. So, we thought we’d beat mother nature to the punch.

Our cheap and green sides have always liked the idea of xeriscaping, but the part of us that cared about keeping up appearances hesitated. Then Noel checked out The Undaunted Garden: Planting for Weather-Resilient Beauty by Lauren Springer Ogden and after being completely awe-struck by page after page of the colorful drought resistant gardens she’d planted in Colorado’s clay soil we couldn’t wait to attempt it ourselves. Since dousing the front yard in Round-Up isn’t exactly our style, we’re going the slower route where we water the lawn till it’s damp, cover it with clear tarps, and let the power of the sun steam all the grass and weeds into oblivion. (You can see our first set of results in the photo on the right.) Part of us feels like we should put up a sign in the front yard that says “Good things coming soon!” to put the gawking neighbors at ease (and they do gawk), but in some ways it’s kind of fun to let them just wonder. It’s a good thing we don’t have an HOA.

P.S. Our back lawn is staying normal.

5 thoughts on “A Guaranteed Way to Ruin Your Curb Appeal

  1. I want to be careful not to lay down anywhere around you two. I might wake up with a tarp over me.

  2. Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what your yard looks like when you are finished. I know it’s going to be amazing.

  3. An HOA might be paying to water your front lawn, but conserving is great. Nathaniel’s brother killed his front lawn to put in strawberries and Ogden City fined him. He paid the fine and they enjoyed gallons of strawberries this year 🙂

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