Celebrating the New Year in Style

Celebrating the New Year in Style

We spent the last couple days of 2012 being incredibly ill with a stomach bug. (Apparently there’s been kind of an epidemic here in Colorado. So glad we could be a part of that. Thank you, Norovirus.) For 48 hours there was always at least one person vomiting at any given moment and those that weren’t were suffering from body aches and/or fevers. It was pretty bad. It’s amazing how much a bout of sicknesses can increase your gratitude for things we typically barely even think about. By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around we were over the worst of it. We didn’t do anything fancy, but we saw everything through new eyes (and taste buds), so it made it seem fantastic.

“Isn’t it great that we can put all these puked on blankets in the washing machine and they come out clean!?!”

“These are seriously the best Saltines I have ever eaten, ever!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever tasted soup this good!” (Said about the simple vegetable, noodle and broth soup we whipped up.)

“Isn’t it great to just sit here on the couch and not feel like you’re going to die?!?”

To top it all off, we celebrated New Year’s East Coast time while eating bowls of tapioca pudding and were sound asleep by 10:15 our time. It was pretty awesome, and I mean that, I really do.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the New Year in Style

  1. I’m so sorry you guys were sick! We had that going around over Thanksgiving and I’m so glad all my kids can make it to a bowl/toilet.

    Hopefully one day soon we’ll all be healthy and we can play. I miss my girlie cooties. 😉

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