Last Minute Trip

Last Minute Trip

We went on a last minute trip to Las Vegas over the weekend, but it wasn’t for why most people go there. Noel’s grandpa passed away, so we were going for his funeral.  It was of course our duty to bring along the little people so we could remind everyone to laugh and smile. It was a little awkward whenever any fellow travelers asked, “So what plans do you have in Vegas . . . ,” but in spite of the stammered apologies we weren’t sad we were making the trip.

Noel’s grandpa when he was younger.

I feel like I am the least qualified to write any sort of memoriam about him, so I’ll only say two things. (You can read one from Noel’s sister and Noel’s cousin if you’d like.) First, he was such a great man that we named our first child after him. Second, I’m told Noel is a lot like him, so I’ll be forever grateful for all the wonderful characteristics he passed on. At first many of us were sad that he didn’t hang in there long enough to go to Vanessa Joy‘s wedding (Noel’s youngest sister), but when we started to think about it we realized this is actually better because now he can attend pain free with his wife. He didn’t send an official RSVP, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be there.

4 thoughts on “Last Minute Trip

  1. I’m so grateful you were all there. I was overwhelmed and very touched by how many family and friends came to express their love for Dad.

  2. I can see a resemblance between Noel and his grandpa. I’m glad you were able to make it and I’m super impressed at all the pictures you took! 😉

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