Mini Me?

Mini Me?

When we found out Ellen was a girl, I confessed my desire to have a “mini me.” I don’t think Ellen is turning into an exact replica, but I don’t think the differences are large enough for her to be mistaken as someone else’s child. Often people tell Noel and I, “It’s amazing how much she looks like both of you” so at least I’m getting some credit for this kid. Recessive genes pulled through to give her blue eyes and hair that I adamantly refer to as red. (Some people say it’s strawberry blonde, but it’s hard to tell since she doesn’t have a lot of it. Noel, I blame you. I’ve seen all your bald baby photos!)  In stature, Ellen is just as petite as I am and her personality is just as fiery as mine was (is?) .  What do you think, can she still fulfill my dream of having a mini me?

Me at one-year-old on the right. Ellen at on-year-old on the left.
Me at one-year-old on the left. Ellen at one-year-old on the right.
Ellen on the right. Me (a little younger) on the left.
Ellen on the left. Me (a little younger) on the right.

3 thoughts on “Mini Me?

  1. I think you can claim her 🙂 She is so darling and it does look like she’s going to have red hair. I love that you can dress her up in your baby clothes. Maybe one day…

    -I still don’t get any credit for either of mine. But I’m not quite sure if it’s worth the risk to try to have a mini-me. We would probably end up with endless Blake clones if we kept trying, and I don’t know if Blake could handle two of me 😉 Plus I’m still at the point where my mantra is “two is plenty.”

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