I May Not Be Cool, But I’ve Got Swagger

I May Not Be Cool, But I’ve Got Swagger

The other day Noel and I were talking about how we’ve arrived at that place in life where we know we aren’t cool, but it doesn’t even bother us. Not to say that we’ve let ourselves go, but we’re in a spot where we can be confidently comfortable with who we are. With that attitude comes a certain swagger, as Noel called it, that makes a person look better than they did when they were putting forth so much effort to look hip.


Today, I came back from the grocery store and changed into running clothes. (Yes, I know that’s backwards from the way most people do things, but I would much rather workout than go to the grocery store, so I have to do that first so I won’t make excuses and postpone it inevitably.) As I was throwing my jeans on the bed I noticed they had a giant marker line going down the back. Not only had I paraded those pants around the store, but I wore them to a trendy new restaurant last night and they probably were drawn on then too. (Don’t tell me you never wear your jeans more than one day. It’s good for the planet and my laundry pile.) Instead of being horrified  and freaking out about all the people that could have potentially seen me wearing those embarrassing pants I just thought, Huh. Wonder when the kid managed to do that?  and put them aside to be stain treated. Honestly, even if someone had noticed and pointed out the green scribbles on my butt while I was out, I probably would have just chuckled and said something like, “What can I say, my kid is really artistic” and walked away with a swagger in my step.

4 thoughts on “I May Not Be Cool, But I’ve Got Swagger

  1. Ha! I totally agree. I feel like I was so self-conscious before, when I was single and newlywed. I’m pretty sure I was just awkward (I still am not sure how I managed to get married and appear cool enough to date. I think it’s because I was finally focused on preparing for grad school, and was less self conscious, so of course, that’s when dating/marriage happened and grad school didn’t). Now, like you said, I am too busy wiping spit up off my shirt to worry about being awkward, I always have a baby or toddler to occupy me, and they are great for reducing worry and starting conversations with other people. And, I wear my pants for more than two days at a time if I can (I throw them in the wash when they are noticeable dirty, or if I can’t remember how many days I’ve been wearing them… 🙂

  2. Ha ha I know what you mean. Here’s what I wore on a late night formula run last night: A maxi dress over a t-shirt and a jacket over that because I wasn’t wearing a bra. And I didn’t think twice about it. It’s nice to not have to try hard all the time anymore. (Not that I’ve let myself go – I just am okay with being lazy sometimes.)

  3. I like to sport boogers on the front of my shirts and food stains on the back of my shoulder where Seth puts his dirty hand 🙂

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