Eggs and Ham

Eggs and Ham

I kind of view these years when my kids are little as years that I can practice and refine holiday traditions without too many consequences. For the most part, our kids are still pretty oblivious to typical holiday celebrations and I have the freedom to experiment with traditions without being locked into them. I also was able to breathe a sigh of relief that I made it one more year without fielding any questions about fictitious characters that come bearing gifts.

This year we did a really simplified recap of what happened each day of the week of the first Easter.

  • Sunday – Watched “The Lord’s Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem.
  • Monday – Sang “I Love to See the Temple.” Since Jesus cleansed the temple.
  • Tuesday – Told a story about Jesus.
  • Wednesday – Told the kids Jesus rested. It’s assumed that’s what he did.
  • Thursday – “Chatted” about the sacrament. (“Cooper you know how we get bread and water at church?” “Church! Water!” Looks around for a sippy cup. “Well that’s called the sacrament and Jesus taught that to his friends before he died.” Blank stare, continues looking for cup.)
  • Friday – Talked about being sad because Jesus died.
  • Saturday – Listened to a story about the symbolism of Easter. (Courtesy of a church party.)
  • Sunday – Gave the kids new board books with pictures of Jesus before church. After church we talked about the resurrection using this lesson from Behold Your Little Ones.*

While it may sound impressive, everything was really concise and I was generally happy if Cooper said “Jesus” and smiled. I think that’s a good start. We also enjoyed egg hunts, new outfits, beautiful musical numbers (accompanied by my talented husband), Easter baskets, perfect springlike weather, and delicious foods.

*(We’d thought about watching our church’s Easter video, but even though it was really well done, we decided it might give our children nightmares. We’ll save that for when they’re older.)


2 thoughts on “Eggs and Ham

  1. I like that countdown. I wanted to do something where we opened an egg and did something to remember Jesus each day for a week. But I forgot that I wanted to do that until it was to late to think of anything. I’ll have to remember your list for next year.

    And good call on not watching the Easter video. The kids have watched the Testaments a few times and I think it gets a little too scary for them at the end.

  2. Those are great ideas! I’ll have to remember them for next year. And I love your skirts! They are so pretty.

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