A Brief Travel Log

A Brief Travel Log

I always like to clean my house before I go out of town. That way everything is nice and inviting when I get back, at least for a few minutes before it turns into a post-vacation disaster area. You know what I mean,  a frenzied inventory of the kids’ toys is strewn across the floor (unfortunately they’re always still here), stacks of suitcases block the entryway, and piles of laundry loom in each clothes hamper. That about sums up where we are now.

A little over a week ago, we made a trek to Utah to spend time with family before my brother, Spencer, heads off to Eugene, OR for the next two years. I could probably write eleven blog posts about the trip, but I’m tired and I really want to get this published so my brother can see the pictures before he heads out tomorrow. Besides, I know you all just want to see the pictures anyway.

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