Improving the Property Value of the Neighborhood

Improving the Property Value of the Neighborhood

Despite what has been said about our yard, we are really excited about it. The progress isn’t as fast as if we’d emptied our savings account and hired an expensive landscaping crew, but the hard work is good for us and has given us the opportunity to really appreciate each small improvement. I often find myself gravitating toward the front windows where I’ll just mesmerizingly admire the results of our labor until Noel notices I’ve disappeared and asks me if I’m staring at the yard again. While the yard is not a favorite for some of more traditional opinions, our unconventional ways are rubbing off on others. A family down the street has started to tear out sections of their lawn to replace with rock and other plants. Perhaps we shall all decrease increase the property value of the neighborhood together.

Trunk Full of MulchSaturday was another full day dedicated to the yard. We filled the Honda’s trunk to the brim with mulch, choose brick to line the edges of the yard, and picked up some edging strips to separate the Buffalo Grass and the mulch.

Cleaner YardI think those few touches gave the yard a much cleaner feel.

2-IMG_2425-001If you’re feeling less than impressed, review this post or  this post. Wouldn’t you agree it’s much better?

1-IMG_2412-001Sure it needs a few more trunk-fulls of mulch, some other extra touches, and time for the plants to mature, but it’s looking more like a yard that belongs to people who care and that makes me happy.

6 thoughts on “Improving the Property Value of the Neighborhood

  1. I have been trying to get Ry to get mulch, but he keeps saying we don’t have a truck so we can’t. will tell him that you guys do it

    1. The secret to cleaning the mess out of your trunk when you’re done is a shop vac. If he’s looking for an excuse to buy one this could be motivating.

  2. It looks good, but it doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s how it feels, and it feels good too. Great job!

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