ComputerMy laptop got a makeover and now sports an aqua case and waterproof (fingers crossed) keyboard cover

because I’ve been feeling an increased need to protect it

because it’s new

because the old one suddenly stopped working

because a certain little boy peed all over it.

BoyMiraculously, the boy is still alive.


5 thoughts on “Because

  1. That is way sad and funny all at the same time. DO you ever wonder what is going on in kids minds, like… I should pee on this bright fun object. Love the huge tarp

  2. Your new laptop is so pretty! I hope it stays in pristine condition with it’s beautiful kid-proof cover. Do they make one of those for a whole house?! Sign me up! I’m always whining to Blake about just wanting one thing in my house that stays nice and untouched. So we’ll see how the white couch goes over… It’s a good thing kids are cute 😉

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