I know this is incredibly disappointing, but this post isn’t actually about a monumental disco hit. Rather, it has to do with the state of our basement when we returned from our trip to Utah.

Hail   When we left Colorado the 100 year flood had just begun.

Wet BoyWe didn’t think much of it. Some of us even thought it was pretty awesome. But when Noel got 18 flood alerts the day of my Grandma’s funeral, we started to worry a little bit. Then when we saw some of the catastrophic photos of places we’d been we started to worry even more.

FunkytownWhen we arrived home we found our basement to be a little damp and a definite funk permeated the air. Water had leaked through two of the windows and saturated parts of the carpet in two rooms. We pulled out some carpet pads, set some fans going, and thanked God that it wasn’t any worse.

Carpet PadWe let it dry out for a week and scrubbed it down with bleach to scare away any mold. This weekend we put down some new carpet pads and rented a knee kicker from Home Depot to re-install the carpet.

Knee KickerSurprisingly, this was one of the least eventful projects we’ve done recently. Everything is almost back to normal in the basement and it’s nice to not get “Funkytown” stuck in my head every time I go downstairs.

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