Mom Powered

Mom Powered

I like to ride my bicycle.In spite of having a father that has a slight obsession with bicycles, I’ve always been a little timid about riding my own. I squeeze my brakes for dear life when going downhill and am skittish in  traffic. As long as I have a patient companion I’ll venture out and generally have a good time, but rarely go by myself. Noel has gotten really good at riding his bike to do all kinds of errands and quite frankly I was jealous at how happy it makes him when driving around doing those same errands only tarnishes my hippie cred and rarely gives me any sort of deep fulfillment. When Cooper started preschool I found myself driving six miles, twice a day, four days a week. As a person who tries to consolidate my errands and use the car sparingly, this was a big change. Our gasoline usage was creeping up and all the driving was making me a tad bit ornery. (It doesn’t help that feelings of bitterness well up as I pass the preschool two blocks from our house that wasn’t able to fit him in this year.) So, I decided I needed to put on my big girl pants and give bike transit a better effort. Today I loaded Ellen into the trailer and we went to pick up Cooper. There isn’t as much traffic in the afternoon and the cars we did see knew they shouldn’t mess with this mom and her trailer and gave us a wide berth. I got a little sweaty and my legs got a good burn from powering us up some hills, but it felt awesome. I’m sure the fresh air didn’t hurt either. I’m going to have to use my mom powered vehicle more often.

And here’s a poem from Sarah Kay’s Ted Talk that has been powering this momma lately.

Oh, I love poetry! And riding my bike. Let’s all go sing Kumbaya, shall we!?! 😉


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