A Blustery Halloween

A Blustery Halloween

Preschool We kicked off Halloween with Cooper’s first ever school Halloween Party. I was slightly appalled at how much sugar the kids got at the party and realized that I may become that mom who is suggesting we have carrot sticks for the kids to eat. I was, however, the only mom at the party that dressed up so I could still potentially be in the running for coolest mom, right?

Car CartBefore heading home we picked up a few items at the grocery store for our Halloween celebration. Our festive attire earned us several compliments as well as a few strange conversations with crazy people.

PumpkinWe’ve had our pumpkin since going to Utah in September, but didn’t get around to carving it until the afternoon of Halloween. Cooper “helped” me clean it out and then we all carved it when Noel got home.

Bat PumpkinIt was so windy that the pumpkin actually got blown off the porch and cracked a bit.

PebblesIn case you haven’t guessed it already, we dressed up as the Flintstones for Halloween. I haven’t been able to convince Noel to dress up since the Flamboyant Matador Incident of 2010, but when I suggested Cooper and Ellen be Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles Noel got very excited about us being Fred and Wilma. (Maybe it’s because there’s something more manly about a caveman than a guy that dresses in yellow and hangs out with a monkey.) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have always lived places where it’s cooler in October and not out of the ordinary for it to snow on Halloween, and I’ve long thought it was ridiculous that people would wear such ridiculously weather inappropriate costumes. Even when I was a teenager, I thought this and I distinctly remember helping with a city Halloween event my Senior year and dressing up as an Eskimo because it seemed practical. Because of this, my goal was to create warm costumes that still stayed true to the Flintstone’s vibe.

Flintstone's Family 2I think I did a pretty good job staying true to the spirit of the characters and we were all so warm and cozy in our fleece costumes. I also think Noel was grateful he didn’t have to wear a dress. (It should be noted that Noel switched his short sleeves for long sleeves when he took the kids out trick-or-treating, but does have a much higher tolerance for the cold as was exhibited when he spent 10 minutes outside in a t-shirt in the whipping wind helping some trick-or-treaters look for their lost phone.)

Car CartBy the end of the night everyone was pretty tired, so we gave everyone carrot sticks and warm baths. Both kids fell asleep immediately, even Ellen who typically spends at least 30 minutes babbling to her stuffed animals. If that doesn’t represent a successful Halloween, I don’t know what does.

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  1. Cute costumes! And good job making them warm. Growing up in Utah I always wondered why we didn’t celebrate Halloween in July or some other time when it would actually be warm. And then I moved to Texas and I totally get why there are so many non-cold weather costumes.

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