Just A Bit of Self-Promotion

Just A Bit of Self-Promotion

Loyal readers may be saddened (or perhaps relieved) that we haven’t been blogging as frequently lately. I guess we’ve been a little caught up in some selfish endeavors lately, allow me to fill you in.

Get that pear in my belly!Noel and I have long talked about the possibility of doing a separate blog and finally decided to give it a shot. We’ve had a lot of fun coming up with the idea and building a bit of content. Our focus will be all things food: recipes, kitchen anecdotes, and the joys of feeding little people. We’d love for you to hop on over and join the Dirty Dish Club.

PoserI’ve been busy stocking my shop and taking a multitude of self portraits in the yard. I’m pretty sure my neighbors all think I’m a weirdo and they might not be too far off. I also made an awkward, yet informative video on how to style my nursing covers for anyone interested.

Mini Poser
Cooper ambushing one of my photo shoots.
Ellen practicing the art of accessorizing.
Ellen practicing the art of accessorizing.

The kids aren’t really involved in any new selfish endeavors, just the normal attention demanding shenanigans we are used to.

3 thoughts on “Just A Bit of Self-Promotion

  1. Love the new blog and the new look of your nursing poncho/scarf! So stylish! And I must say I love all of your outfits and accessories.

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