The big 3-0

The big 3-0

Noel turned 30 yesterday and did so with grace. It probably helps that his fitness age (calculate yours here) is less than 20 and he’s got his stuff together so his 20s weren’t a throwaway decade. We did our best to spoil him with good food (check out our Screaming Banshee smoothie recipe) and good times. Of course, since this is Noel, the cake was one of his favorite parts. I made him a S’mores cake from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (adjusted for altitude of course) and while it was extremely delicious I think one of the things that he loved most about it was torching the frosting dollops. Glad we could make his day.

Torch it Bring on the cake!

2 thoughts on “The big 3-0

  1. Going where Noel has never gone before into the depths of the forth decade of his experience on this Earth. What will it be like. What ever it blossoms into, Enjoy. These years are unbelievably wondrous and yet most times ignored. They are the years you live as who you are. Encounter the trials and joys as they unfold into what has become of you. They are the forgotten years. Good Luck.

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