Today, According to My Text Messages

Today, According to My Text Messages

9:28am – I just discovered that while I was in the shower the kids ate all the berries and what they didn’t eat they smeared all over the couch downstairs!

9:36am – Well, I just scrubbed it and will see how it dries.

10:06am – And Cooper just peed all over his floor and bed. Awesome.

10:10am – Sometimes I just want to say, “Dear God, Why did you think I could handle this?”

Noel: Well, you haven’t killed either of them yet, so that’s good.

Me: Yet.

11:43am – [Back from Costco] We’re good, but the kids didn’t earn pizza.

Noel: I’m sorry they’re being so bad today. 7 more hours until bedtime.

12:03pm – And the cherry on top: he just peed on the floor again.

12:29pm – And Ellen decided a 15 min car nap was good sigh 🙁 I’m going to eat cake w/ whipped cream. In front of them 😉

12:58pm – And Ellen drew on the island w/ permanent marker while I ran some sausage down to the basement. I’m almost to the point where this is hilarious.

2:53pm – And just now I found them stuffing toilet paper in our toilet.

Noel: That’s it. Hogtie them and I’ll deal with them when I get home.

Me: Deal 😉

Disclaimer: No children were harmed (or even hogtied) today although there was a significant amount of timeout and bedtime came early. And just to remind myself everyone that our kids aren’t always monsters, here are a few cute photos.

Mini French Braid
Ellen’s first french braid.

Bubbles! Swing

7 thoughts on “Today, According to My Text Messages

  1. One of my favorite quotes to say to myself when I have had one of these days is from “Anne of Green Gables.” Miss Stacie says (not exact), “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it, yet.” or from Annie the sun will come out tomorrow. And if is was a really bad day, which it sounds like your day was, I go watch the Mormon ad, “Moments that Matter,” From Elder Scott.

    Enjoy your peace for the next few hours

  2. Thank you for posting this so that I can know that I’m not the only one who has days like this. I really, really love my kids, but I can’t seem to manage to “enjoy every minute of it” like they always say. Usually I think that people who choose not to have children are really missing out, but on days like these, I think they must be a lot smarter than me 😉 But when I think about what my life would be like without my kids, it would just feel so empty (and peaceful, tidy, clean, and carefree….but empty) Congratulations on surviving the day.

  3. I can totally relate. Bedtime and when ‘daddy comes home’ are my favorite times of the day. I certainly want to “clap my hands and shout for joy.” -That song was definitely written by a mom. Most days my mantra is “survival is my only goal, and if the house doesn’t burn down, that’s a nice bonus.” 😉 And kids are so easy to love when they are peacefully sleeping!

    Ellen’s hair is darling and Cooper looks so grown up. I’m totally jealous of the beautiful weather there. We’ve been stuck inside for days with the nasty air. Every January I wonder why we live here…

  4. You described my day almost perfectly. Except there was poop involved in mine and an entire can of fish food flakes instead of berries, and at least one broken item. Haha 🙂 sadly, I feel like this describes at least one or two days everyweek! 😉 I always say, good thing I love them!!

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