Ice Castles

Ice Castles

Originally, we were going to take my mom to see the Ice Castles on a quiet Tuesday for her birthday, but then life happened and plans changed. Instead, we ended up going to see the Ice Castles on a busy Saturday with just our little family. We generally avoid ski towns during the winter (especially since skiing hasn’t been in the cards for years now), but we were intent on having fun as a family no matter what. So even when it took an hour to find a parking spot (which was at a distant lot with a poorly advertised, but free shuttle) and we almost hit a snowboarder who stepped in front of our car, we persevered.

After all the trouble we went to I hate to admit that I felt slightly underwhelmed by the Ice Castles. Yes, they were cool, but I honestly thought they were going to be bigger and probably would have been put out if I’d had to pay for the kids too. (Kids under four were free.) Fortunately, the kids thought they were plenty big (guess that happens when you’re small) so they thought it was pretty awesome. As a bonus, the Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships were happening right next to the Ice Castles so although that only made traffic worse, we did get to see some pretty awesome sculptures at no extra charge.

After we’d had our fill of ice, we hopped back into our car and took the long way home to avoid ski traffic. We’re glad we checked it out, but next time we think we’ll rent some snowshoes and find a place with less people.

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  1. We went to the ice castles in Midway. It was fun, but a little underwhelming. We were glad we went on the cheapest night. Looks like Cooper had a blast though 🙂

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