Be Careful What You Wish For: Part Two

Be Careful What You Wish For: Part Two

There may have been a time or two when I’d complained about how I don’t really get sick days in my line of work. Generally, when an illness sweeps through the family I still have to at least perform basic work duties because if I don’t, people die. Well, complaining about that was such a bad idea. Right on the heels of my last karma slap, I became terribly ill. The fun kicked off with vomiting and was followed by fever, aches, and a roller coaster ride through all the symptoms treatable by Pepto Bismol. It’s a tad melodramatic, but at one point I was lying on my bathroom floor (the cool tile felt surprisingly nice on my feverish body) and I actually thought “I think I might be dying. Is this how my children are going to remember me?” Noel sweetly took two days off work to shuttle the kids around, take his mom to the airport, and rub my back while I focused all my energy on the exhausting trip from bed to bathroom to bed. Long story short, I survived and will not be wishing for any more sick days, perhaps ever again.

One thing I will say about getting sick is that everything seems so amazing when you’re better. “Wow, isn’t it amazing that I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like I had a Wookiee trapped inside my stomach?!?” “And isn’t it great that I feel good enough to do laundry!?!” Maybe if I filled my days with that  much exuberance and gratitude on a daily basis I could avoid these little life lessons.

Noel put up the baby gate to quarantine me from the kids. When I was feeling better they both were in dire need of mom hugs.

PS Fortunately, I seem to be the only one affected, knock on wood. Perhaps food poisoning or a strain of rotavirus that Noel’s already had and the kids are vaccinated against? Let’s hope that’s the case.

PPS The ankle is better and almost all the bruising is gone. I think being stuck in bed so many days really helped it 😉

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