Easter 2014

Easter 2014

Religiously, I feel like Easter is a very important holiday and I really want my children to understand that. This year, we tried out “Seven Days Till Easter” that was featured in the April edition of The Friend. Basically, each day in the week leading up to Easter we would learn something about Jesus by reading a scripture, singing a song, and matching what picture went with that day’s theme. Even though it took five minutes or less, it was still sort of a stretch for the attention span of our little people. At the very least, they were able to identify Jesus in the pictures we showed them, so we’ll count it as somewhat successful.

Dying Eggs

We also did some fun things. We dyed eggs for the first time with our kids. We tried out some natural dye methods. Our attempts at green and yellow were a flop, but the pink and blue-gray worked well.

Ward Easter Party

On Saturday, my friend Pam took the kids to the church Easter breakfast and egg hunt while Noel and I went to class.


Ellen insisted the puppy go with her.

Matching skirtsMatching skirts and puppy.On Sunday we went to church where we we sang beautiful Easter songs and learned about Jesus. Less importantly, Ellen and I rocked matching skirts.

Easter Presents

We got the kids some presents for Easter. Although Cooper kept calling them Christmas presents. I’m just going to assume it’s because he understood the Jesus connection between the two holidays, right . . . ? I am really good at giving the kids gifts of things I was already going to get them. (Happy Birthday! Here’s some underwear!) We mostly got them stuff for an upcoming trip to Great Sand Dunes (sand toys, water shoes for Cooper, and a sleeping bag for Ellen).

Slumber Party!

Ellen of course had to test out her sleeping bag and therefore Cooper also needed to get his out.

Egg Hunt

We hid some eggs in the yard for the kids to find.

On the hunt.I was tricky and just filled the eggs with all the candy they’d already received from grandma and at the church egg hunt.

Basket full of eggs.They didn’t seem to notice that they’d been duped. Especially since a large flat rate box arrived yesterday from Hershey, PA loaded with goodies.

Find the eggs!Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


3 thoughts on “Easter 2014

  1. Nice job. I love your gift-giving tactics and re-cycled candy scheme. The big egg hunt we went to was Sunday afternoon, and our home egg hunt was in the morning, so I didn’t have that option–but, in return, I feel no shame in “helping” them eat though some of that chocolate (because they just do not need it all. It’s for their own good…)

  2. I love the skirts and the picture of Ellen holding her bucket/basket. Of course Ellen had try try her sleeping bag, and, of course Cooper had to get his out too!

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