Sayonara April!

Sayonara April!

Sick Kiddos

Oh, April. You were not my favorite month this year. You were full of promise with the arrival of spring, the celebration of a few of our favorite holidays, and two anticipated visits from family. But the plague of sickness you sent our way left us barely able to enjoy many of those things. I did not enjoy how at least one person in our house was ill at any given time. Cooper had 50% attendance at preschool, we went through more medications than we usually do in a year, and the doctors and nurses at our clinic now know who we are without looking at our charts. At this point I think we’ve muddled through the worst of it and survived with lingering coughs. Let’s look at a few of the things we did enjoy the last couple of weeks and then we can march on to happier days.

Take your kid to workOn take your kid to work day, Cooper went to work for a little bit with Noel. Cooper was so excited and of course charmed all the women in Noel’s group. He got to work on a puzzle in the break room and ride a bus home so he pretty much thinks Noel has the best job ever. Ellen was insanely jealous.

Bedtime with Grandma and Grandpa

The McConkies came to visit and even brought Grandpa McConkie with them (my grandfather, so the kids’ great). We managed to drag ourselves out to do a few fun things, but luckily grandparents and grandkids were mostly content to just hang out at home and snuggle.

Piano DuetIt was a sad day when all the grandparents left and there was no one around to make everyone giggle. Hopefully the next time we see them everyone will be in better health.


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