Good People

Good People

I forgot the number one rule of our family. I went grocery shopping with both kids (not my rule violation) and somewhere in between loading people and produce I put my wallet on top of the car. I was completely unaware of my infraction until I received an email five hours later from an unfamiliar address asking me to call them because they’d found my wallet on a highway onramp. The man who’d found it kindly drove out of his way to return the wallet and all its contents. Everything was a little bit trashed, but all the important stuff that could have led to the ruin of my credit score was accounted for.

RIP WalletI never thought I would be happy to have a complete stranger rifle through my wallet, but in this case I definitely was. (I’m also glad I’d slipped a few of my business cards in there so my contact info was readily available.) Thanks to my new favorite CDOT employee this reminder to never put things on the roof of the car ended without too much pain. It’s nice to know there are still good people in the world.

(Reason one and two why we instituted the never put anything on the roof of the car rule.)

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