It seems my kids now have some competition for favorite grandkid, so I knew a post about my kids was in order to remind everyone who really has the best kids. Alright, so their cousin is pretty dang adorable and I am as smitten as anyone (and dying to meet him)! We’ll let him be the favorite grandkid for now . . .

PorterStill, an update is in order. We’ve had a lot of rain this spring which has been awesome for all our plants, lots of fun for the kids, and a challenge for my stain removal skills.


Our plants are thriving and already so much bigger than last year.

Right SideWe still have a long list of things to do that we are slowly chipping away at as our budget allows, but in the meantime we’ve got a bunch of watermelon plants and tomatoes in pots in the undone areas. Still doesn’t look too bad though.

Left Side

Ellen has discovered the joys of spraying herself with the hose.

Cooper is practicing his tree climbing. Okay, so I helped him get up on the branch, but he’s getting pretty close to doing it himself.

Ellen is throwing out societal expectations and gender stereotypes. She LOVES playing in dirt which is fine with me, but I wish she’d be more agreeable about wearing pants sometimes.

Girls Love Dirt!The kids have been “helping” us with yard work.

Ellen has found one more undesired use for the dinner table. Others include: a giant napkin, canvas, and dance floor.

Table SnoozeMy youngest brother has decided to go to Utah State next year, so these pictures are for him. Go Aggies!

Little Aggies

Go Aggies! Noel used the money he won from our race to buy himself a hammock. He’d had a rough couple of weeks with injuries, illness, and other stressors so he is due for some relaxation. Now, if only the kids would give it to him.

Hammock On Father’s Day Ellen refused to go down for a nap for me and kept yelling, “Go back . . . Dad!” so Noel snuggled her until she fell asleep. I guess that’s one way to tell your dad you love him.

Father's DayAll in all, I think my kids are still contenders 😉

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  1. I was hoping for a before and after picture of Ellen with the garden hose 🙂 It probably would have resembled the one of her in the mud–which I’m sure she loved (and good for you for letting her get all muddy)

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